PCB Manufacturing & PCB Assembly & PCB Design
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Electronics Contract Manufacturing (ECM)
Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

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Aravind Power Electronics is an innovative electronics company in the field of Electronics, Robotics and Automation. The company had developed innovative concepts to reality through innovative electronics approach. The company promises in developing solutions to bring effective and efficient in Electronics, Robotics, Automation and Video Surveillance System.

Printed Circuit Board : Aravind Power Electronics

PCB Designing

Single & Double Layer Designing
Multi Layer Designing

Printed Circuit Board : Aravind Power Electronics

PCB Manufacturing

Single & Double Layer Manufacturing
Multi Layer Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Board : Aravind Power Electronics

PCB Assembling

Single & Double Layer Assembling
Multi Layer Assembling

PCB Methodologies

PCB Design & Manufacturing & Assembly

Approach Us

Contact us with the idea and we process your requirement with in next 12 hours.

Our team will do a complete analysis of the customized requirements and will suggest a suitable solution design.


After review the sample design and proforma invoice generated and make the payment for initiate the Manufacturing.


We complete the design and delivery the gerber and drill files for manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Process

Based on gerber and drill file pcb manufacturing process initiated

PCB Verification Process

Our team will inspect the printed circuit board and generated the report update on customer portal

PCB Assembly

Based on design printed circuit board assembly process handled and our team will inspect the board assembly.

PCB Delivered

The printed circuit board are packed and dispatch through the dhl / fedex or international courier service provider and pod update on customer portal


Please Let Us Know Your Requirement